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Any promotion or discounted course or courses also known as sale is subject to the following terms.


Terms & Conditions

All Promotions will have a start date and expiration date.  Within this time period not only must the courses be purchased but also must be completed before the said expiration date.  If a class is missed you can, upon request reschedule one time at no additional cost but must be rescheduled before the expiration date of the promotion or sale price will be void and no refund will be given.  The same rules apply to being denied entry due to lateness or prematurely leaving from a class. Classes purchased and/or taken prior to the promotional start date cannot be used or counted towards or for a specific month's promotion.  (ie:  If a promotion is advertised for the month of December and you took classes the previous September you cannot use them towards getting the discount for December.  The classes must be purchased and taken in the month that is advertised. 

Discount Codes

If a Discount Code is offered (typically in email marketing) this code must be used at checkout prior to completing the purchase.  If it is a "web only" special a link will be provided in the marketing email for that price and that will be the only method of registering at that price.   If a discount code is offered for individual products at the same time direct discount priced links are provided the 2 cannot be combined and if an order is placed where they are combined the order will be cancelled and a new order will need to be placed following these guidelines.  Promotional offers cannot be combined.


Minimum Purchase/ Pro Rations

If a promotion requires a minimum purchase in order to gain a discount there will be no exceptions.  Ie:  If you must purchase 15 CE Credits to get special price than no pro-ration will be made on less than 15 credits and all individual courses are subject to standard pricing. Promotional offers cannot be combined.

When Payment is due

Due to the demand of Promotional specials, scheduled payment is required at time of registration via our online registration and purchase system.


Classes can be cancelled due to lack of enrollment with atleast 24 hour notice by the school.  If the school cancels a class the standard refund policy would apply and each attendee would have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. Store Credits from past classes cannot be applied during a promotion.

If you paid full price during a promotion.

If a promotion in not taken advantage of after marketing has begun, refunds for the difference will not be made after the standard 72 hour refund policy has expired.  If a customer pays full price for a course or courses during a promotional period only a store credit for the difference may be given.  The store credit would not expire and may be used anytime in the future.



Elite Policies Update

Effective 5/4/2016- Refunds will only be given if cancellation is received more than 72 hours prior to the class that is being cancelled.  View our Policies at our homepage.